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Longer Metal 3D printing system LG-S300

Innovative equipment in the field of metal 3D printing. The metal 3D printing system uses high energy density and fine spot diameter laser, selectively sintered metal powder, so that the metal powder is sintered by layer. In a very short period of time, complete complex metal parts that are difficult or impossible to complete with traditional methods. The workpiece is of high density, precise in size and excellent in mechanical properties.

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Equipment advantages

*The whole process has no soot and low oxygen dynamic equilibrium.

*High precision forming device realizes precision part forming;

*The forming process is more intelligent to realize the entire unattended;

*Ability to monitor and record process parameters in process;

*High-configuration safety interlock mechanism to ensure safety and stability;

Metal 3D printing system LG-S300

Items - Parameters

Device model: LG-S300

Maximum forming size: (WxDxH) 250mm*250mm*420mm

Layer thickness: 20-100um (Adjustable)

Laser: YLR-500-WC, 500W; M2<=1.1

Optical structure: F-theta Lens (F-420), single galvanometer

Max Scan Speed: 7000mm/s

Scan accuracy: X/Y : <= +-1um

Positioning accuracy of forming device: <= +-5um

Maximum preheating temperature: 200 Degrees celsius

Minimum oxygen content: <=50ppm

Atmosphere Environment: AR Gas Protection atmosphere

Maximum power:10kW

Scraping powder mechanism: Two-way scraping

Manufacturing speed: 5-20cm3/h

Software: Windows Operation System / MCS, BP, Magics

Operation mode: Touch screen

Printable material: Titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, high temperature alloy, copper alloy, cobalt chromium alloy, stainless steel, high strength steel, die steel, etc.

Device Dimensions: (WxDxH) 2,350mm x 1200mm x 2300mm

Size of recommended installation space: (WxDxH) 4700mm x 3500mm x 3500mm

Equipment weight: 1230kg

Environmental requirements: 18-27 Degrees celsius, Air humidity <=75%

Application fields: Suitable for aerospace, medical (denture, orthopedic), tooling, Automotive, electronics and Energy power applications

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